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& Ross BR01 HORIZON “Horizon”penetrate namely following the BR01 COMPASS and BR01 RADAR afterward the latest masterpiece: one inspiration directly derived from the place instrument apt work. Adhering apt the principle of Bell & Ross Aviation persistent area gene,all kinds of precision instruments diagram inspiration from aircraft cockpits, with easy,watches-replica-nice,authentic high performance traits.

Swiss tabulation Elite: Bell & Ross La Chaux-de-Fonds workshops located in nearby Chatelain,always the R & D, inlay and trimming process according master tabulation carpenter dictate Swiss quality activity all among Switzerland inlaid into the shell: mechanical activity for the engine of the see mechanical engineering technology crystallization,everlasting accurate and reliable play amid the small square inch between the forming, hundreds of parts onward craftsmen mosaic,correction and test, wrist slightly moving enough to make the activity action without recess Precision fine-tuning: entire Bell & Ross mechanical play must adopt the change context conditions and the range test, the trimming process for a duration of two weeks,,to ensure is each error automatic mixing play amid the range of 0 apt +10 seconds, the isochronous among +3 or -3,, and can provide one mean of 40 hours of power keep.