Daily maintenance of mechanical watches watches life extension

        although the mechanical watch does not have a battery, but the mechanical maintenance simple or very necessary,http://www.heels4usale.com, to extend the service life of the watch movement and to maintain good state very helpful. If every day to wear, the best maintenance method is every two weeks and tighten up the spring, to ensure its smooth running gear. Gently rotate the crown until it can be felt slightly pressing. If not every day wearing the watch, should also guarantee the winding at least once every two weeks, in order to ensure the continued operation of watches, which are normal and accurate operation of internal mechanical device.         although the machine table by the daily swing arm drive chain, but when the last swing arm sports activities,Tag Heuer watches, is not recommended to wear mechanical watch movement, because the arm swing sustained will destroy the watch. Must guarantee the watch time drying. If we are not careful to touch the water, with dry soft absorbent cotton properly will watch water wipe clean,Replica Longines Watches, to avoid the occurrence of rust. This is the key to guarantee the watch has a good and durable service life.         watch the best cleaning tool is dry soft absorbent cotton and toothpick. Use a toothpick to strap surface dirt out of body crack is accumulated, and wipe clean with a soft cloth. If the watch is water resistant, can occasionally to clean watches with warm water and cleaning liquid soft. But if the chain is the skin or non metals, cleaning can only on the body.