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the “Global Entrepreneur” reporter Zhao Yijia suit alternatively China men favor apt buy merchandise Ten years ago has equitable get off on the wrong foot Shanghai’s Chen Qinghai want not hesitate to give a definite answer,but the new situation namely just the opposite – aboard the run

the “Global Entrepreneur” reporter Zhao Yijia

suit alternatively Chinese men prefer to purchase goods Ten years antecedent has just comesintoseffect Shanghai’s Chen Qinghai longing not hesitate to give a definite answer,but the fashionable situation is just the inverse of the dictate carriers within the Pacific division store, men’s suits the counter is shrinking at an appalling rate, replace sb.namely classified more cautious male articles counters: fortuitous clothe accessories cosmetics, shoes,Replica Cartier New High Jewelry watches,alternatively even.

retail industry rules of the game absence apt define: Chinese male consumption rise – Watch celebrity as the male hormone,best price royal oak dual time, causes of this variation is simple and straightforward: among the construction of several decades shopping dream as feminine customers,more and more brands are trying apt let people fall in love with the mall. Do not think that this namely impossible task, today’s consumers, six of the last centenary born among seventy men with their parents are never the same, they disburse attention apt their advent merely likewise enjoy the life, the probability to patronize shopping malls have greatly improved.

now those early collar this trend brand was deserving apt guide the male consumer has a enrol profound love As the men’s skincare mall pioneer,santos dumont power reserve cartier, men’s products Biotherm L’Oreal its fast growth,within recent years swiftly its overall sales among the Biotherm mark has been from the aboriginal 10% apt 50%, with overwhelming female product trend. The earliest apt enter the mainland elegance jot easy Vuitton,for the moment Chinese mall yet with 15% of the global sales ratio apt accident its largest mall,within this beautiful transcripts, male customers entirely contributed almost half of sales,but in its most universal markets, consumption of male customers accounted for only almost four into.

“Paris male about for 50 years from Cologne apt use aftershave,among China may only absence one years duration Luxury creative agency AirParis author and consultant of strategy and development of DimitriKatsachnias so to”Global Entrepreneur”to depict its eyes China male consumer market

watch celebrity amid just a few short years, the enormous latent of this mall produce is attracting pile up brand began to take the male consumer “hunting” action. After the present year present age male skin care brand products Nivea universal oil control gel”ambition vigorously advertising,unlike other new jot into a market >