CITIZEN’s new strategy sword, Super Air Eagle with elite

        recently, the world’s leading watch brand CITIZEN in Beijing held a "new field of CITIZEN — Super Air Eagle conference", "strategy in the new field of" CITIZEN announced in Chinese, and publish the strategy underCITIZEN

(China) watches limited immediately to the China Red Cross donated cash 1000000 yuan and 336064 yuan worth of medical equipment (CITIZEN electronic thermometer) official website set up the charity auction area,       5.12 after the Wenchuan earthquake. Employee contributions,hublot swiss ferrari replica, CITIZEN watch company also donated 1000000 yuan for earthquake relief work.

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the world’s leading watch brand CITIZEN in Beijing held a CITIZEN new domain of Super Air Eagle conference "announced strategic new field" CITIZEN, in Chinese       recently. And at the same time publish the strategy under a high-end optical kinetic watches – Super Air eagle. CITIZEN Super Air Eagle guest star,hublot kool blue copy watches, the famous film star Hu Jun was invited to the conference site.

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set product development, production, marketing in one,       CITIZEN is a comprehensive watch manufacturers. Various departments coordination, able to quickly respond to market demand. Since its founding date, CITIZEN development, persist in innovation, the challenge and the exceeding spirit makes CITIZEN has always been at the leading position in the international watch industry. Light energy is the core technology, CITIZEN in 2008, CITIZEN in the world has the basic realization of 80% products for the light energy products. At the same time, the CITIZEN company to put forward new fields "strategy — CITIZEN luxury shop sale

developed a unique to CITIZEN products,reproduction cartier lighter,       new field "CITIZEN reflects CITIZEN’s vision to create value" this will be a temporary development goal of CITIZEN. CITIZEN will give full play to its own in the accumulation of many years of technical expertise and product research and development advantages. Relying on its comprehensive strength in the watch manufacturing a full range, to provide more high value-added high-end optical kinetic watches. luxury shop sale

consumption on the watch is individualized and fashion trends. According to the changing market environment, the development of China economy and the change of people’s life style. CITIZEN adjust the Chinese strategy, to the development of high-end market. The implementation of the new field of "CITIZEN China, CITIZEN in the China market brand strategy of continuation and further enhance. The new field of "CITIZEN war >