SEIKO Sportura F1 Honda team Chronograph Watch

success namely F1’s only power. Members of always 470 teams have focused aboard winning the 2006 season victory,Breguet Watches, SEIKO had the honor of sharing their enthusiasm to success. To celebrate this passion,Luxury shop, SEIK

SEIKO is pleased to share this passion as his victory. To celebrate this passion, success is F1’s only power. Members of always 470 teams have focused on winning the 2006 season victory. SEIKO decided to invent a symbolic significance apt see the automobile The crew provides inspiration for the fashionable clock plus the national plus the troop com., reflected the true absence troop No reflection mirror and African turntable uncommon providing segmented timing function apt read Firm structure the wear-resistant sapphire crystal mirror, equipped with a stainless steel case plus spiral surface plus cap Finally,watches for sale,also equipped with anti oil rubber strap elegance shop bargain

represents the two team cooperation. ” F1 ” Honda team; show signs in the SEIKO Sportura turntable luxury market bargain

” F1 ” Honda team; Chronograph Watch: native velocity king refinement market bargain

specification: elegance mart sale

agitate chronograph movement: 7T62 grace shop sale

case: stainless iron (bezel local using special hardness processing) grace mart bargain

strap: rubber stuff

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glass: sapphire crystal

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waterproof degree: 10 airy oppression luxury mart bargain

China market with 300. retail price: RMB 6500 yuan.elegance mart bargain

” F1 ” Honda team; Alarm Chronograph Watch w>