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Odyssey forerunner universal journey of TAG Heuer China station ended June 28th, blue sparkling Monaco Pavilion among front of the gate a dazzling light roadster fascinate countless eyes, this is the Swiss watchmaking forerunner Heuer and Tesla cross-border cooperation Countach Anniversary Edition, 100%

Odyssey forerunner universal excursion finished
TAG Heuer China station

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June 28th,women watch, blue sparkling Monaco Pavilion in front of the door a dazzling light roadster attract countless eyes,buy, this namely the Swiss watchmaking forerunner Heuer and Tesla cross-border cooperation,commemorative edition roadster, 100% forward cordless clean vigor.grace mart sale

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[Monaco Museum amid front of the label heuer memorial edition of the Tesla Roadster] grace shop bargain

150 anniversary celebration within the label heuer held among Shanghai World Expo Monaco pavilion. The deep respect of the Principality of Monaco racing,omega dark side of the moon copy watches for sale, and dare period limit TAG Heuer elegance penetrate attach and the 1.five centenary luxury see join radiance and fascination apt each other

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why TAG Heuer Chinese terminal namely the Monaco exhibit Because the blood for 40 years the legendary origins of the racing complex Tag heuer watches issued at the same time Monaco surrounded Geneva and New York surrounded 1969,for the 1st to launch square turntable penetrate,draft striking a tabulation community, Monaco has chance one of the maximum classic catena of name heuer.

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the Monaco Museum internalized as duration Gallery, from CARRERA 1887, MONCAO V4 to PENDULUM forerunner luxury watches, 16 representative infrequent accumulation watches TAG Heuer past,current and hereafter embraced the 150 years of glorious history. The star studded etiquette TAG Heuer’s chancellor Jean>