Harry Winston Talk to Me, Harry Winston™ Watches

        always play a key role in the history of clocks and watches Jaeger Le Coulter, this year marks the 175 anniversary of brand creation, to mark the special day, the Swiss Ru Shangu (Vallé edeJoux) watch masters,

was named Memovox Tribut to Polari watch series,Harry Winston Talk to Me, Harry Winston™ Watches. The first corresponds to the prototype for the 1965 launch of the original Memovox Polari watch. The second section is

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This year marks the 175 anniversary of

, create a brand       always play a key role in the history of clocks and watches Jaeger Le Coulter. To mark this special day, the Swiss Valley (Vall é E, de Joux watch masters, decided a few pages, the most brilliant review brand history as it write more brilliant footnote. Important results of Jaeger Le Coulter’s past, there are many creation, the world’s first reach the peak of perfection masterpiece, and enduring classics, such as Reverso Duoplan Master Control Memovox Polari Gyrotourbillon I watch, there are well-known Atmo air bell. Today, Jaeger Le Coulter has a total of one thousand employees, more than 40 kinds of division of labor and to master more than 20 kinds of technology, inherit the excellent conservative long, launched the one and only watch creation, to the brand to create a tribute to the spirit of innovation. The expansion of outward in Antoin LeCoultr workshop site Jaeger Le Coulter factory, the scale is still expanding, a building area of 9000 square meters of new plant, to be completed in 2010. www.fashion-watches-replica.com

Jaeger Le Coulter never stop innovation and continuous exploration, the technical achievements and aesthetic design of       since one hundred and seventy-five years ago. The Swiss watch has always been adhering to carry forward the glorious radical generation. Memovox Polari wristwatch as a reflection and continuation of the spirit of Jaeger Le Coulter, has become Jaeger Le Coulter watch factory innovation for the endless source of inspiration. Memovox Polari automatic timepiece forty years always is the embodiment of sports watch, become a rare collectors like a flock of ducks, and as the top watch. The extraordinary refined design, dynamic shape, and the spirit of the fusion performance and vitality as a whole, still full from the Master Compressor Memovox watch series to the Jaeger Le Coulter series AMVOX watch series, and the diving watch series of Jaeger Le Coulter new: MasterComp>