Ashes of Time

Why are some of us strangely attracted to vintage watches and especially vintage Rolex ? Maybe because we know that in the early days, these toolwatches were only worn by professionals in the kind of extreme situations that these watches were designed for ?

&nbsp,Replica Roger Dubuis Double Flying Tourbillon RDDBEX0280 Men Watch;

We imagine that our watch has an extraordinary history that makes it unique and its specific patina is the sign of its individuality.


The Submariner


Being often used on boats, beaches, in tropical countries, etc….diver’s watches were often more subject than others to moisture and heavy sun exposure. This has lead to some spectacular patinas on vintage Submariners !


Here’s a 1950’s James Bond ref. 5508 with a great tropical dial; the bezel has also faded to light grey… (Photo P. Stahl):



The same kind of color – but with a more even discoloration – is observed on this Big Crown ref. 6200: see how the radium of the hands is “burned&#8221,juniors watches,montre imitation van cleef;:



On this Red Submariner ref. 1680, the dial has turned to a brown color, with an amazing even tone.  The combo with the Nato strap is spectacular ! (Photo P. Stahl):



Another red 1680 with a darker dial color (Photo Ryan):



And a double red Sea Dweller ref. 1665 from the same owner, with a nice faded bezel inlay:



This Submariner ref. 5513 has little spots all over the dial… Is this a Stardust dial ? A Cosmos dial ? Any other fancy name for it ? (Photo Wilton)



And what about the brown color of the tritium on this 168000 ,Patek Philippe AQUANAUT Watches? Simply beautiful ! (Photo Wilton)



The GMT-Master


Some 1950’s and 1960’s GMT-Masters have probably been worn by pilots around the world in exotic countries and the scars from their adventurous lifes can be seen on their dials… on this ref. 6542 (Photo P. Stahl):

&nbsp,La Grande Classique de Longines;


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