rolex cellini prince

Welcome in the wonderful Pan Am World!

The box and the papers are one thing: You are lucky if you got your 6542 or early 1675 in its complete ( or almost ) configuration, like it was sold by the original AD.

But even if you have the complete set, when it comes to the Vintage Rolex GMT, you can dive deeper into madness / pleasure, with some Pan Am goodies.

After all,rolex cellini prince, in Part One, we demonstrated that the link between the Pan Am and Rolex was very close:


In this world, you have a huge variety of goodies, all very enjoyable, such as the ash trays, lighters, knives, playing cards, maps, ads, time tables, dictionary, wings pins, QSL radio cards, bags, mugs, luggage tags, and so many others that it would be impossible to name them, and very difficult to make a selection among them.

A possible link is to focus on the Vintage GMTs you have,louis vuitton sale, and try to find the correct stuff from the correct era, being precised that if you get, let’ s say, a 6542 from 1956, you can go for goodies of the same year and later, if you have a demanding approach in this project.

But you can also hunt some earlier goodies: A Captain could have bought a lighter in 1952 and still use it in 1958 when he bought his 6542, don’t you think? It is not incoherent at all.

That is what I did, here.

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