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Platon thinks Affirmative type with “inner fascination was born plus Zenith use the framework theory the concept of the cube among three dimensions, the place volume remains constant,but generates extension of vision

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and Zenith use the architecture methodology Platon thinks Affirmative type with countryman inner fascination The concept of cube in three dimensions, the area volume remains constant, there is extension of the visual effects, the fire of the current Port Royal Open Concept cheerful duration concept desk plus Port Royal Open square pleased chronograph penetrate the common sense of space plus the future into solids, once afresh crash watches process. Limit.

Mr. Thierri Nataf said: “a lot of the inspiration as the Port Royal array from New York; bridge iron construction becomes my fancy mainstream advent curve inspiration blueprint,and Port Royal the cozy lines,advent plus movement with entire sense of automatic pattern plate chart inspiration draw aboard skyscrapers such for the advent of chessboard like architecture More importantly New York city’s distinctive pulsating vitality, only the Zenith oneself operation apt a absolute interpretation. Therefore, the Port Royal case,filled with tales of the earth lofty velocity movement El Primero 4021B self timing mechanical movement; the maximum velocity of movement (36 per hour, Zenith universal chancellor plus ingenious director The 000 frequency) invisible,through the rectangular appearance view window, open space the maximum decisive chart – equilibrium deck, second hand gear plus escapement,replica omega dark side of the moon, generously exposed among front of the earth In addition apt maintaining the coordination of the plenary behavior more to achieve the best precision exact timing to 1/10 seconds)

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1st use of aerospace technology among the thin transparent P90 stuff Swiss watches brand Zenith launched a belongs apt the hereafter concept of the desk Port Royal happy concept desk along embracing the new technology innovation. The invention of the figures aboard the surface of floating among the air visual attain P90 materials by the advent of a special lighting effects,embark to board type texture,can ambiguously Jian >