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        IWC IWC flagship store in Hongkong’s 1881Heritage building formerly known as the Hongkong marine police headquarters, appearance appear in the former British colony of the headquarters of the neoclassicism. Two internal elaborate thematic exhibition area

here to reconstruct the atmosphere early pilot club in twentieth Century, especially worth mentioning is the pilots watch area. The visitors back to the aviation industry has just begun. This area is equipped with the IWC flight simulator provides excellent, both real and exciting flight experience to the guests. Disposable flexible driving simulator is equipped with large screen and surround sound, in Handmade Spitfire fighter cockpit model. If enough, also can buy a radio controlled the Foo Fighters "model – the model making by hand in Switzerland, loyal to the original blueprint style, its flight speed of 120 km per hour. Chanel watches

appearance appear in the former British colony of the headquarters of the neoclassicism. The area within the two elaborate thematic exhibition of more than 200 square meters,Cartier Ronde Solo De Cartier Watches,       IWC IWC flagship store in Hongkong where the 1881 Heritag building formerly known as the Hongkong marine police headquarters. According to the different watch series arranged a different theme pavilion,Replica JACOB & CO WATCHES, dedicated to the Greater China market IWC lifestyle "IWC Collect also appeared on the same stage. Classic life hall placed Da Vince and Portugal and other radical watch series; flagship store and the other end is provided with sports life hall, put the watch is durable styles, including engineers, marine chronometer and pilots watch series. Chanel watches

Chanel watches

watches the flagship

Chanel watches

uses a wood floor and a specially tailored hide type glass showcase, the Portuguese watch area and its pilot elegant lounge. Let visitors feel as if you are a luxury yacht. New product line "IWC Collect reinforced this feeling: for example, navigation instrument; selection of professional marine rescue facility; navigation devices, namely the instrument a series of high quality, so that users can use the traditional method of precise navigation map. Chanel watches

Da Vince watch series is equipped with an automatic winder, the journey is the next station, west. Erwin Sattler is involved in the production of. Chain device that will be adjusted according to the watch movement, ensure the mainspring is always in the best state of the watch chain, may at any time to wear. Chanel watches

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