Ernest Borel love released Angie Chiu wear watches show loving husband

        Ernest Borel love series before landing in Shenyang, as the brand image ambassador, Angie Chiu airborne Shenyang, also in Taiyuan Street on the spot to husband Melvin Wong wear a watch, a big show of affection. In September 12th 14 when make, Borel


as a brand ambassador,       Ernest Borel love series recently landed in Shenyang. Angie Chiu airborne Shenyang,116622-78800, also in Taiyuan Street on the spot to husband Melvin Wong wear a watch, a big show of affection.

Ernest Borel street in Taiyuan Zhongxing mall held a new release ceremony,       in September 12th 14 pm. Mr. Big Swiss Borel Asia Pacific chief executive, said in an interview with reporters Shenyang nets, love series tradition of romantic culture, with love as the theme, to the romantic concept, the concept about smooth, reflect the EBOHR watch romantic elegant style.

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Watch consumption

Shenyang,       University said. Intense competition in the market, but also Chinese important consumption country, the diversification of consumer taste, to watch the luxury consumption tends to rational, this background, Ernest Borel emphasized deepening Chinese consumer concept of brand identity.


watch industry is facing serious challenges. Sue said,       the impact of the financial crisis. In April of this year’s International Watch Fair, ornamental customers reduce 1/3 especially the European and American markets are not very optimistic, this kind of situation,04795R LCI2N 8561, foreign brand watches are more optimistic about China market, has great confidence in Chinese market.


models showed off love series for guests at the scene. It is understood,       then held a ceremony. In addition to the innovation theory, the most prominent feature of love series is a eight position, inlaid with diamonds, the "a" representative "one’s whole life, eight represents perfect, metaphor for the eternal love.

immediately caused the release conference scene attention,       Angie Chiu took the watch out. The onlookers citizens more than thousands of people, in addition to being true