MIDO Baroncelli Power Reserve dynamic storage of wrist

        MIDOBaroncelliPowerReserve stainless steel / ETA2897 automatic winding movement per hour, minute and second, date indicator / power reserve display / NIVAFLEXNM mainspring, NIVAROXII pendulum

follows a pointer and the semicircle walking disk on the digital display,       the high availability of additional functions. You can clear precisely indicate the 42 hours of power storage, and stereo triangle with a section of the time scale and time pointer to achieve perfect harmony; this table with a double anti glare sapphire crystal mirror, and the use of Mido patented Aquadura cork crown waterproof sealing system, up to 50 meters waterproof. Internal with ETA 2897 movement and automatic disc has a delicate Geneva corrugated, MIDO logo engraved with the blue steel screws decoration, can be through the transparent bottom cover appreciation. Baroncelli power storage watch there are black and white facial disc can be selected, and then with the Coffee color leather folding buckle strap, this watch makes elegant breath naturally classic http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/New-Catlike-Whisper-mtb-Helmet-Cycling-Bike-Accessories-Carbon-Mountain-Aeon-Bicycle-Mountain-Bike-Helmet-Men/1089563_1620279970.html

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      stainless steel / ETA 2897 automatic winding movement per hour, minute and second, date indicator / dynamic storage display / NIVA FLEX NM NIVA ROX II, the main spring balance wheel hairspring / table diameter 42mm power storage of 42 hours / double anti glare sapphire crystal mirror, transparent bottom cover / Aquadura cork the crown of water-proof sealing system / waterproof 50 meters http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/New-Catlike-Whisper-mtb-Helmet-Cycling-Bike-Accessories-Carbon-Mountain-Aeon-Bicycle-Mountain-Bike-Helmet-Men/1089563_1620279970.html

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original tabulation aesthetics


MIDO Mido automatic meter on the interpretation of the time,bubba watson replica watch, timeless elegance unique trait. In 2007,       from the beginning of 1918. MIDO Baroncelli series launched a new dynamic storage watch, with the utility function and the design is simple and elegant, once again raise the MIDO tabulation process and aesthetic level. Baroncelli dynamic new storage watch shows the one and only style, inspired by the same exquisite curve from the classical string and elegant fusion produces perfect resonance. The understated elegance is attributed to the dynamic storage > disk is exquisite