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[America “Hollywood” website reported aboard June 5th] title: Chinese tennis champion longing win more jot recognition (reporter Jonathan · Landreth from) a petticoat has become the focus China always — she namely the tennis champion Li Na today, the first apt win

[American “Hollywood” website reported on June 5th] title: China tennis champion will win more brand recognition (reporter Jonathan · Landreth from

a female has become the focus Chinese all — she namely a tennis champion Li Na today, the 1st apt win the Grand Slam singles caption Chinese plus asians. She was amid the French Open tennis competition victory would amend her for those trying apt open the China mall brand value

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Rolex penetrate spokesperson apt borrow feminine net open Chinese mall Li Nacheng international brand present favorite,oyster perpetual datejust II, Li Na in the international women’s Tennis Association (WTA) the world women’s singles ranking from the French Open title within seventh before rising to fourth. She within February this yearly and tennis star Roger · Federer and Anna · Ivanovic became a elegance see brand Rolex spokesman the contract aggregate is anonymous She likewise plus Haagen Dazs ice lotion mark signed a long-term agreement reportedly worth $1000000 a annual

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won the Li Na French, Rolex company surrounded the family page of the website issued a celebration of advertising. Advertising aboard the Li Na dynamic,and her right is inlaid with Rolex DATEJUST watches of diamond plus sapphire, the platinum plus iron photos. Below left clavicle forward Li Na the ruddy rose tattoo, the surface of the see also painted a pink flower pattern.

Li Na may well immediately with her victory more commercial endorsement contracts, the brand is trying apt attract speed up confident plus brand awareness China increasingly strong consumer — this namely composed of approximately 200000000 folk in the large crew of richest contributed apt the world’s fastest-growing luxury market