The legend of a friend, like clouds, looking for Chinese oldest Longines

        2010 Chinese new year year of the tiger, the world famous watch brand Longines Longines held in Shanghai "for China oldest Longines" event, invited Longines lovers, collectors, celebrities Aston, altar table

thinks all is precious table and valuable for collection and time of precipitation,       many watch masters to give a high evaluation of the Longines table selected 20 pieces of antique table. Full of Longines in more than 175 years long watchmaking tradition, manufacturing process and Zhuo ingenuity Tiancheng and extraordinary quality. And each table owners said emotionally: this Longines watch so many years for the travel time has been very accurate "to love Longines table even obsessed because of its excellent quality, but because this elegant timepiece with life, record the story. From the old times Chinese, bearing the emotion and the story of several generations, Longines is not only a timing tool, but the time to create elegant "waste" is more like a lifelong friend friend friend. Mr. Hokeno sponsors – Longines president as activities said: looking for Chinese oldest Longines’ search and find the Chinese on Longines, the elegant love, the beautiful feelings is the most precious treasure.

world famous watch brand Longines Longin held in Shanghai "for China oldest Longines" event,       2010 Chinese new year year of the tiger. Invited Longines lovers, collectors, celebrities Aston, altar table experts together, declared that the event selection out of the factory during the oldest 20 gold Longines watch, all Longines legendary course in China for more than 140 years, share stories,louis vuitton serial number m51161, collection, Chuan Shizhen Kam goods.

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serial number as 5535 Longines 20C machine,       Shanghai collectors of Mr Zhou Yong Longines silver pocket watch. According to Longines sales record records the watches in 1869 December 12 sunrise factory, the "in search of China oldest Longines" ranked first. Looking for China oldest Longines "top twenty and four characteristic models table table main 20 Longines watch collectors have" Longines elegant friend "award, and Longines a. And pull out the treasure top Longines owner Longines master series of inverse jump watch one, and was invited to Switzerland to start a 2 – >