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KunLun wonderful events (Photos)

        SeverinWunderman was knighted in December, 2004. And accept the awards ceremony in 2005 July, to pay tribute to humane salvation to his cultural contribution and the spirit of art. Pagination: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] in 2000 as can be SeverinWunderman was knighted in December, 2004. […]

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[brand] watch top art treasures – Shang Weisha (Continued)

        JeanRichard is Vizag asked three watch will balance adjustment mechanism design for explicit device, followed the brand founder DanielJeanRichard1710 years of creative design in the pocket watch. The use of small tools, watches the owner can also adjust the balance wheel speed, to is Vizag JeanRichard three questions watch will balance […]

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Jaeger Le Coulter launched the Master Compressor Extreme LAB2, to

        no matter when and where, even if is to accompany you in the remotest corners of the globe expedition, accuracy and reliability are indispensable quality watch. After 177 years of wind and rain, Jaeger Le Coulter unremittingly, committed to improve the accurate and reliable watch. Constantly Mast Compressor Extrme LA [1]  […]

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MB&F launched the HM2-SV, create the most complex global case

        on the basis of HM2, MBF released the latest watch HM2-SV, using 18K platinum material with sapphire crystal mirror, waterproof 30 meters. Each case is composed of more than 100 parts, is the most complicated case, the whole   MB& F released the new watch HM2-SV using 18K platinum material with […]

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[watch brand Rolex]Rolex

        therefore, a highly respected all over the world professional. 1955 ROLEX Rolex watches invention of the pilot, ROLEX Rolex watches have been known to professional function. So people do not time accurate time measurement. The same year, the development of ROLEX Rolex for deep-sea divers diving is therefore a highly respected […]

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Audemars Pigeut launched a new Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph (Fig.

        Audemars Pigeut watch factory world’s first steel material of RoyalOak Royal Oak noble movement launched in 1972, the overthrow of the senior watch industry routine. 20 years later, suitable for extreme sports RoyalOakOffshore Royal Oak   overthrew the senior watch industry practice. 20 years later, Audemars Pigeut watch factory world’s first […]

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IWC Engineer Automatic Watch — new milepost

        dial decorated with electro-optic words symbol of science and technology. Soon after the launch, the first engineer watch published from 1954 to 1955. Various clock teacher immediately by the re investment, continue to develop improved, the engineer watches become the eternal theme, is always dial decorated with electro-optic words symbol of […]

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[information] watch Mido MIDO limited edition to create immortal legend

        limited independent global limited edition of 99 numbered only. Represents a unique, outstanding performance of the classic, MIDO Mido is quite familiar with the brand watches for the love machine table entry game player who say. Since its establishment in 1918, the production of high quality mechanical watch is famous all […]

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Cartire Cartier Rotonde Astro Tourbillon Watch

        new Cartire RotondeAstro Tourbillon watch with 18K rose gold or 18K white gold case, 47 mm in diameter. The sapphire glass and the bottom of the table, waterproof to a depth of 30 meters. Cartire RotondeAstro Tourbillon   47 mm diameter. The sapphire glass and the bottom of the table,tag heuer […]

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The legend of a friend, like clouds, looking for Chinese oldest Longines

        2010 Chinese new year year of the tiger, the world famous watch brand Longines Longines held in Shanghai "for China oldest Longines" event, invited Longines lovers, collectors, celebrities Aston, altar table thinks all is precious table and valuable for collection and time of precipitation,       many watch masters to […]

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