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        resplendent achievement uncommon design aesthetics with modern simplicity of the famous Swiss watch brand famous MOVADO Movado since its inception in 1881,, always adhere to the outstanding tabulation process and innovation of design art closely, thus accumulated derived friction Vado persistent art after

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is known for its modern design aesthetics "," the famous Swiss watch brand simple MOVADO Movado since its inception in 1881, always adhere to the outstanding tabulation process and innovation of design art closely,, thus accumulated derived Movado brand spirit and characteristics of persistent pursuit of art. As an art has a deep origin watch brand, Movado has long been committed to support and promote the cultural and art development, support the American Lincoln Center for the performing arts, set up the MOVADO Future Legends award, recognition and support those who are very promising new artist, in cooperation with the world famous artist launched the "Artist Series Limited Edition watch", and invited the dream, the pursuit of artistic achievements of the young artists as a brand ambassador and promotional activities. In 2009,, the movado "artistic achievements dream" exhibition held in Chinese multiple city, three domestic famous artist miss Sun Li, Mr. Alec Su and miss Lan Qin invited to Shenyang, Chongqing and Beijing exhibition activities at the scene, as the movado "art achievements dream" tour exhibition added CLS chapter. here sale Replica watches

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miss Sun Li, Mr. Alec Su and miss Lan Qin are in recent years has made remarkable achievements in the domestic artists young artists, they have their own unique artistic temperament, and in many areas have made outstanding achievements of showbiz. Spirit and Movado they diligently, continue to pursue an acting career greater breakthrough has been persistent pursuit of art design agree without prior without previous consultation, it is also the common belief of the dream and art contributed Movado brand cooperation and the young artists, the majority of Chinese people join hands to spread the beauty of art. here sale Replica watches

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miss Sun Li from learning dance, many times in the dance competition in the award-winning,, in recent years with outstanding performance in many popular film and television works, the audiences to good deductive genius and elegant, healthy and upward image moved, and gains more and more sure. In Miss Sun Li’s interpretation of the sweet, pure and stubborn determination of two different temperament can achieve perfect unity. For the dance, and film and television career, Ms. Sun Li has been adhering to the very serious, career minded attitude, it can be said is that a diligent attention and devotion to her success laid the foundation. The movado "Art >