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When brides wear strapless wedding dress many people show their indignation as they think brides reveal too much. Yes, many still imagine wedding gowns to be white, of classical cut, a little bit puffed,, and completed with classical wedding veil. But times change, everything changes, and bridal fashion is not the exception. Nowadays most of bridezillas consider that more they open their delights more they are sexy and attractive. Exactly for such ‘advanced’ brides the German brand Kaviar Gauche presented a very bold wedding outfit yesterday at Berlin fashion week. Taking into consideration its risqué nature, this,, so to say, wedding gown is suitable for beach ceremony or the wedding night even more.

The wedding dress is made up of a few small sections of white fabric attached together with a central strip. The base of this ensemble is a white bikini set with thong brief, and the whole outfit is covered by a translucent organza veil.

Alexandra Fischer-Röhler and Johanna Kühl,, the designers who created this dress have been kicking off provocative shows since founding label Kaviar Gauche in 2003. For example,at 2009/10 handbag collection show, Fischer-Röhler and Kühl sent models down the catwalk almost nude but for been dripped with placed accessories. Though,, either conservative or traditional, this design duo is known as the individualists in the bridal design world. There’s a question popped up in everybody’s mind: will the look catch on among modern brides?

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