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        the first pocket watch made in 1510. This means not only carry timing tool has come of age, also brought profound impact on human life.

  the first pocket watch made in 1510. This means not only carry timing tool has come of age, also brought profound impact on human life. From the clock tower to the clock to the desktop clock, watch technology has been to fine out. Until the pocket watch, process officially reached a historic peak: the complex parts shrink into a hand in the pocket watch, made fine more than a decorative carvings, for the crystallization of technology and art. Until modern times,, most people will choose to watch a convenient for daily wear; but also because a lot of people enjoy the delicacy and retro charm watch and started collecting pocket watch. In 2010, GLASHUTTE ORIGINAL presented the glashutte pocket watch, pocket watch, with Tao fascinated by the charm of love of others. Replica watches on sale here

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  the glashutte watch a global limit 25, 18K rose gold case and the bottom to create surface cover are hand polished. Show Guiqi luster. The bottom cover inner table name to hand carved and limited number, more unique. Dial layout with strong retro flavor: enamel dial with classic mistress needle design, with Rome time scales and the slender blue steel hands,, just as gracefully as a gentleman. Unlike previous pocket watch pocket watch, glashutte, crown although with traditional onion crown shape, like a modern watch as located in the three o’clock position, on the chain and adjustment time through the crown,, the classical appearance inside contains modern clock technology,, carefully painted more refers to.         the most pleasant surprise is glashutte watch a number with two Q function, as long as the slide knob clockwise to nudge the six o’clock position, can tighten the spring open two Q function. Double hammer beating gongs respectively in different length, bass, treble quarter time, clear and melodious sound immediately added to appreciate the pleasure. The movement direction is by 84-01 GLASHUTTE ORIGINAL on the core of a new R & D, with 36 hours power storage. Surface with double anti glare sapphire crystal glass, display brand proud of the core manufacturing industry. In addition to the brand’s iconic 3/4 splint to see, can appreciate the balance bridge plate brand patent detailed tread, feel the brand from the details of the performance of be strict in one’s demands. Guerra Souty watch a number with a rose gold watch chain, a perfect combination of loyalty shows German watchmaking and aesthetics, let a person to understand his unique elegant charm.