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        "I have four grandchildren, I am sixty years old, but I can also be very tide." — Lu Rongzhi, art curator "make the past serve the present, make foreign things serve China has been our tradition." — Shao Zhong, who "embodies the independent innovation way, do their own

"I’m four grandchildren, I am sixty years old, but I can also be very tide." omega sale here

— Lu Rongzhi, art curator omega sale here

"make foreign things serve China, make the past serve the present has been our tradition."

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— Shao Zhong, omega sale here

"embodies the independent innovation way, do their own fashion label."

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— Chen Xingru, stylist omega sale here

wearing a "no mind and not happy" T-shirt, foot warrior brand shoes, then on a permanent brand bicycles,, eating a strange baby doll…… Some people say: This is not called nostalgia,, but fashion. Not long ago, Lu Rongzhi, Bao Yimin, Chen Man and other celebrity art together together, common prophecy "new Chinese" era. omega sale here

domestic complex never gone omega sale here

in 2008, because of "news perspective" television program on a "Gem Flower watch past" news, set off a wave of panic buying the citizens of Shanghai Gem Flower watch boom. Shanghai each big also made a number of follow-up reports, many members of the public to the camera, recording pen told his national complex, such as "this is an old brand, I want to buy can not afford to buy",, "forty years ago I bought a gem flower watch, very good, until now still use"…… Recall the story, was at the scene of the morning news reporter Zhou Sili reported that, in fact, each have a "Chinese knot",, just need to stimulate.

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I want to buy a watch actually recall every time as long as the Chinese have "action", will cause no small concern. For example, in September last year, permanent sign bicycle the latest design and planning of the permanent C project. One of the many old Shanghai marriage in three pieces, and now consists of two "after 80", caused panic buying and concern many trendsetter. At the time of the interview, the reporter has a vague sense that the concept of "new Chinese": a permanent C style is retro, technology and materials are new; other is a classic design, ergonomic. In addition, double > last August NEW