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base material and complex function is a high price to form gold form the two pillars of Rolex Rolex, also delete value value foundation. In 2009, are the Antiquorum held a Rolex Bo auctions, production in 1985 of the 18KRolex "BaguetteDiamondCosmograph" (drill gauge) in one fell swoop win, auction price reached 360000 francs, and RMB 2400000. That watch the 18K gold production, square timing button, counter, bezel set no 28 baguette cut diamonds, dial set no 240 diamonds and 9 sapphires. finest watches for sale

118238 Rolex without drilling for the price of 195500 yuan 1F: Oyster Perpetual week calendar, with diamond price is 228200; the 218238 paragraph without drilling cost 231500 to 252200, with drill. The secondary function of the series of watches is week and calendar display, it can display week with 26 kinds of language.

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consumption type Sunday calendar watch is Rolex’s most prestigious gold watch series 2F: Oyster Perpetual diary type. Gold watch has no material two, type 118238 dial size of 36 mm, 218238 of the size of 41 mm. Function and outside the indecent ideas as the outer ring two watches, for triangular pit imagine Rolex model, waterproof to a depth of 100 meters, the bracelet. A survey of 36 mm to 41 mm, white, black. finest watches for sale

Rolex gold watch 218238 Mr. Wu is the cause of no small into the family of 3F: Oyster Perpetual submariner, 40s. He not asked 80’s daughter, "what you say is the best?" Daughter thought for a moment, said a "Patek Philippe". Mr. Wu shook his head, "is not a Rolex?" Not long after that, when the father and daughter go shopping together via the Rolex store, daughter pointed crown labeled, amplified said: "do you like watch." Mr. Wu has a sleeve female voice, quietly said: "not and >