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        OMEGA 2008 Basel new watch on watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,www.luxuryladywatch.com, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches the OMEGA lunar surface a new member of the family, the super 44.25mm enamel table features review: 1 black enamel dial 2.6 position calendar window still be people indulge in elaborating on is this: OMEGA Speedmaster professional moonwatch (OMEGA) (Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch) is the history of mankind,http://www.omega-moon.com, the only one on the moon by astronaut wearing a watch. OMEGA to launch a new moon Speedmaster enamel table,http://www.finest4uwatch.com, inherited the legendary design aesthetics history’s first lunar tables, and integrate the innovation characteristics in the classical tradition, unique personality charm.   the moon Speedmaster enamel table watchcase diameter of 44.25 mm, in line with the current trend of the big dial watch. The built-in OMEGA 3313 automatic winding movement, the coaxial escapement device and free sprung balance guarantee watch long run precision and reliability. The moon Speedmaster enamel surface after the Swiss official Observatory (COSC) certification, highly precise wheel timing device and free sprung balance. Super moon table enamel dial with black enamel, presents the unique aesthetic distinguished dazzling, is the whole wrist outstanding appearance of soul. Located in the 6 position of the calendar window is the lunar surface and significantly different from the Speedmaster professional moonwatch. The moon is super enamel table — two watches is committed to design almost identical to the Speedmaster professional moonwatch tribute. However, the table of exquisite enamel enamel dial and coaxial escapement device mounted is declared to the world: even without the Speedmaster professional moonwatch aura, it can also achieve success. In professional sports time history, OMEGA has a brilliant achievements There is nothing comparable to this. The 1932 Losangeles Olympic Games, OMEGA became history’s first was appointed as the designated Olympic countdown to the company,www.omega-moon.com, provides 30 Chronograph to contest, OMEGA precise timing for the event held successfully made a remarkable contribution, and then with the Olympic Games the indissoluble bound. OMEGA has successively 22 times for the Olympic Games as the designated time, and will be in the upcoming 2008 Beijing Olympic Games countdown again bear responsibility, an achievement which other watch manufacturers approach somebody’s greatness. At the same time, OMEGA in the sports timing and data management technology achievement has also been widely recognized.