Plum blossom watch forum Zaobao netizen struggle in the old object special white porcelain dish

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plum watch forum post net friends struggle in the old object special white porcelain dish commemorating earthquake,, "searching for old objects" activities start in May 18th, the South China Morning Post network "Southland morning tea" forum "for old objects" post, a day has been viewed over a thousand, some netizen reply post release information food stamps, clothing, representative cards, badges, old objects, one netizen "Cordyceps jiaocao" release plate, "" the graduation certificate issued of old photos and secondary special commemorative significance. fine4uwatch is watchonlysale

"man can conquer nature" plate commemorating earthquake fine4uwatch is watchonlysale

post net friends "Cordyceps grass" in the Post Post said: "my home food stamps, stamps, stamps, but there is something special commemorative significance, this is to commemorate the 1976 earthquake." From "winter grass" drying out the white porcelain dish on the picture, you can see the round porcelain plate on the edge of "man can conquer nature", "six factory" and "76.8.5" in the scarlet letter, which had existed three typesetting column, red white, elegant and dignified. From many years of use, the dish bottom white glaze and glaze flower is worn, but this three typesetting plate on the edge of the still clear. Earthquake occurred in July 28, 1976, from the plate on the time that the word is in the earthquake a few days after the write up, "as if in a loud voice to tell the whole world: does not collapse! Chinese does not collapse"!

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Memorial earthquake white porcelain dish. The morning paper net friends "Cordyceps jiaocao" fine4uwatch is watchonlysale

"insect grass" in the Post said: "last year in Wenchuan, this year Yushu has suffered earthquake disaster,, however, since ancient times’ challenges make a nation much stronger, ’34 years ago’ man ‘; 34 years later, in Wenchuan,watchonlysale, Yushu that can’ man ‘, to stand upright." fine4uwatch is watchonlysale

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