The incentive of the scene, the annual per capita spent three hundred million playing table Wuhan

        "it is poor, the rich play table".

      according to a recent report: watch long fashion word called "poor little rich play table". From the list in the sale of a city, can see the city consumption potential and fashion direction, now Wuhan person one year spent three hundred million or four hundred million yuan to hit in the watch,, attracted the world watches wanted landing Wuhan market.
recently, Swiss watches oris,, with its global limited edition on sale in wuhan. Reportedly, at present, in Beijing, Shanghai, watches in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other first-tier cities’s annual sales of about twenty percent to thirty percent, but in Wuhan has reached seventy percent to eighty percent.
      Xinyu Hengdali relevant controller introduces, in recent years, Wuhan top-level watches sales growth last year, sales exceeded 300000000 Yuan, and an annual growth rate of 10 million yuan. Jiangcheng world watch brand sales have more than 20,, the average listing price of ten thousand yuan to forty thousand yuan, is expected to become following Beijing, Shanghai city and an international watch consumer market.
      it is reported, the Wuhan Rolex, OMEGA only these brands, rarely sold 1 million watches, but a few years this situation has changed, some high-end brand gradually into the Wuhan vision,, many consumers began high end brand complained of Wuhan too little. Replica watches for sale