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        this year, "MontBlanc International Art Award" jury selected the winners in 10 areas

      senior brand MontBlanc has been committed to promoting international cultural and artistic undertakings, and the establishment of "MontBlanc culture fund" in 1992, awarded each year only one in the world recognized cultural arts patronage Award – "MontBlanc international art votes help Award", in recognition of outstanding people to arts and culture at present person valuable time, money and spirit to awaken,www.finest-watch-sale.com, international society for art support and concern.
      this year, "MontBlanc International Art Award" jury selected the winners in the 10 area,www.luxuryladywatch.com, the famous dancer Li Ping Yang lady Chinese mainland area winners. Yang Liping’s always strive to put China ethnic music and dance art to the world stage, and is committed to the protection of national culture in Yunnan.
    MontBlanc in June 5th this year, the false China Hotel, held a "2005 MontBlanc International Art Award" ceremony. In the evening,http://www.finest-watch-sale.com, brought about by the "dynamic Yunnan" performer "Huayao" let guests deeply omitted to China nationality amorous feelings, make people really feel the importance of protecting the national art. MS Yang Liping is offered a limited edition series in gold refining "Pope Julius S" ink pen and 15000 euros. She will get bonuses for extension and continuation of Yunnan national culture and art activities. Replica watches for sale
    as Dr. Wu Shuqing chairman of Chinese history and culture educational foundation and the Song Qingling children’s fund is the Hongkong area of the winners. Replica watches for sale

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