How to choose the right watch

        there must be a luxury watch the success of wrist

senior watches on display of status and wealth you also represents your taste. It only for people who know how to appreciate the appreciation. Watch people think is a symbol of identity and strength, there must be a luxury watch.  success of the wrist; Patek Philippe PP: known as "hand table in the blue blooded aristocracy". Is not famous for its complicated movement or gorgeous appearance,, in the men’s table shell rarely any mosaic diamond or gemstone, but it always adhere to the self movement, limited production, born with a kind of refined restrained aristocratic temperament. There should be a temperament and demeanor, conversation elegant, successful people have "aristocratic" that can be worn. Threshold price is several hundred thousand yuan.
how to test:
1, check whether the automatic swing. Will relax a stop and go watch gently in his hand, a second hand slowly, watching at the same time,, the second hand should be followed to rotate at the beginning of wind, or sub standard.
2,, check lists in various positions of voice. After a few laps, the surface up, down, left, right. Listen to its position in the aspects of frequency and time are the same, clockwork on foot,, voice clear without noise. Replica watches for sale
3, needle test. Needle felt not loose not tight, but the dial, the second stop or reverse is a normal phenomenon. Replica watches for sale