World champion Hatton Shanghai robbed Rolex watches

        Shanghai world champion Hatton was robbed of Rolex watches watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches the apple daily comprehensive foreign reports, world champion, to the kind of meat, good to play very much, you are not approached. Nicknamed "occupation killer" (The Hitman), British world champion Hatton (Ricky Hatton), a recent trip to Shanghai, just a local gang thief entertain an angel unawares, want to rob him. Certainly Hatton reaction, but not the East,, West, behoove boxing foot again hook, hit the thief a servant of a bunk, he chose not to punch, white white let bandits robbed his wrist watch Rolex. The world champion this time is really the cat burning must be. The 27 year old British boxer Hatton (Ricky Hatton) is the World Boxing Association (WBA) welterweight champion, has won more than 40 games, "occupation killer" (The Hitman) said, one is the nickname known his fist kung fu boy road. In Shanghai alone do, returns to the hotel. In addition to being a boxer, Hatton is also love to watch football, is England Super League club Manchester City fans, this month to Shanghai city China pre-season as fans, he will certainly not miss, and went to Shanghai on holiday with friends and watch, but he all material not herself to become the Shanghai bandits target. Hatton was with friends after drinking alcohol, encounter a group of Manchester City fans, to stop and talk, talk, only to find themselves and friends are separated,, had to go back to the hotel. Loss of 60000 yuan of Rolex, "he did not fight back" but to return to the hotel on the way, a group of Shanghai bandits after him, he will be surrounded, and his hand over hand value of 4000 pounds (about $58871) of Rolex watches and bracelets, to win for him or. Hatton a friend the day before yesterday (Wednesday) said: "those robbers apparently they rob is the world champion, Hatton also suddenly someone robbed him there was a bit of a shock, but he did not fight back,, because he doesn’t know if they have weapons. "Hatton’s agent (Paul Speak) he also said:" when Hatton was very surprised, but he did not and the fighting is very wise. He has this thing also feel very embarrassed, because he knew he should go together with the friend, should not be walking alone in the street. "In fact, Hatton was the thief snatched the expensive Rolex watch, like is doomed, he said:" every time, every time he (Hatton) to go abroad, he wear are cheap city plastic watches, but this time he forgot to wear. "Hatton has returned to the UK on Wednesday. This is the last few months the second time Hatton encountered attack. He had three months time in New York with a lawyer counterparts, a man suddenly approached sailed into the lawyer, the lawyer of the nasal bone break,, but compared to Shanghai this incident fortunately, Hatton not being attacked. Nicknamed the occupation killer, who won 41 games Hatton nickname "occupation killer".