Expression of folklore meaning holding on

        expression meaning of Customs watch brand shopping,, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watch       leisurely watch all fresh creative Swiss watch brand SWATCH in the autumn and winter of 2002 the number of watches, close to the trend of artery, the tassel leather, totem, folk elements into completely blurring, watches and accessories.       National hot is hot this season trend, retrieve the material is quite extensive,, SWATCH from the tone, material, pattern start,, for example with auspicious meaning "flower Primula watches, will have the Baroque flavor totem in embroidery strap, or by the rich autumn color for the background, clusters of poppy flowers embroidered on graphics (POPPY FIELD); and filled with oriental flavor of Libellule, is a small dragonfly with dancing do decorated; suede leather fringed strap directly to Squaw, it is the season of popular products, decorative effect of the strongest. In addition to atmosphere of folk watches that hot, graffiti, comic, hand-painted signs is outstanding, the pattern is nifty and lovely, one group can be used as a table for couples, colorful profusion, the will and modern style interpretation to the most incisive.