Looking for love best domestic July 7th Tourism

        find the best domestic August 26th is the husband and wife reunion "July 7th" section, called the Chinese Valentine’s day. In fact, this story is not the perfect love template — have a look these two men, from love to marriage by gods and men blocking, although there are sweet but with painful ending, finally get separated, one year can only see, have to bribe the magpie…… So many hardships, we don’t, people in love is sweet love, lovers should get married, so the legend of love to make this festival — that’s our story. July 7th day, and loved her / him, looking for the perfect love. 4 destination we provide is travel of the horn, each have each fan! Lijiang – Lugu Lake   love like flowers if not love and have been to Lijiang, you must make up the lesson, although excessive commercial development, when people do not much, where the temperament or worthy of nostalgia, classical charm and connotation of love can wipe out the perfect fire flowers. Love movie this line was the birthplace of romantic, Old Town of Lijiang, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain,www.luxuryladywatch.com, Lugu Lake, the holiness of soft beauty, of course the best love legend or Mosuo people take marriage customs, although have been "two Yang" elder sister have no mystery, but the beautiful scenery and leisurely air or worthy of lovers to experience look at the right season. Lijiang is a built on water romantic town Lijiang also move also quiet town of soft and comfortable once let countless people Beckoning,http://www.omega-moon.com, but this kind of temperament has been commercial taste masking, except in the morning and midnight. Not customary lovers must grasp the two time. Lijiang "wake up" very late, at eight o’clock in the morning, all of the streets are quiet, few visitors, but a lot of the Naxi people fresh goods back; the stone road was wet, the gurgling sound of water and the sound of a bird looks like a wonderland. With her hands to walk freely in the alley, can see the club full of flowers and Hezekiah antique door window, full of life, and this quiet everything until ten o’clock in the morning. After ten p.m., in the near Dashiqiao square, Lijiang to become lovely, every night Carnival crowd gradually dispersed, leaving only the young people, who plays the guitar, people singing and dancing, everybody do not ask the source,www.finest-watch-sale.com, happiness is the only destination, Carnival general into the night until the end, everyone can fun. To lovers, what better than to have a happy "July 7th" more important? The happy couple of Lugu Lake couples, an hour away from Lijiang’s Lugu Lake is also worth a look, here is the beautiful scenery, a landscape of lakes and mountains, in August to just would catch the sunflowers bloom. In Lugu Lake, don’t Miss Jia Mu mountain and "the islands", here is not only natural scenery amazing,www.luxuryshopsale.com, is an excellent way to understand the Mosuo villages. Mosuo houses and way of life is here most incisive. Of course, although the "walking marriage" still exists, but it is the Mosuo people’s patent.