The waterproof index watch

        each index watch brand watches,, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches,, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch on how to distinguish the function of waterproof waterproof and non waterproof watch waterproof watch back cover will sign water resist, non waterproof does not have this mark. ● waterproof watch waterproof watches Seiko can be divided into three categories, daily life, daily life in strengthening waterproof waterproof waterproof and diving. ● non use waterproof watch waterproof watch, please avoid direct contact with the water, water drop please to dry them as soon as possible. Place whether can cause text plate besmirch or rust. Sweat when water or take off the watch " the daily life with waterproof (water resist) can prevent sweat, rain or wash water. But the BOP to drop, but not for the bath, swimming, diving, etc.. ● used in daily life and strengthen anti water (water resist 5bar. 10bar. 20bar.) can be used in the work or often used water sports (swimming, surfing,, snorkeling) or. ● diving waterproof (water resist 100m. 200m) can be used for snorkeling or scuba diving. Different diving depth, more can be divided into air diving with waterproof, saturation diving waterproof more professional (600m-1000m) with waterproof function. Note the waterproof watch 1 please avoid wash water, strength strong water, shower and other high pressure directly impact the watch. Moisture state attached 2 watches, do not operate the knob. 3 deterioration over soap or shampoo may accelerate the gasket, please pay special attention to. 4 for hot metal containing make discoloration, corrosion, gasket deteriorating ingredients, massage, please remove the watch. The watch waterproof performance mainly depends on the waterproof rubber ring table mirror, rear cover, crown etc., and adopts a spiral type crown, so as to achieve the corresponding waterproof standard. The watch waterproof performance usually according to its grade is divided into: not waterproof (table cover do not identify) anti sweat (sweat-resistant) general waterproof (water-resistant), 30 meters waterproof (30m, 3atm, 3bar), 50 meters waterproof (50m, 5atm, 5bar) diving table 100 meters waterproof, 200 meters waterproof, 300 meters waterproof etc.. Waterproof properties is on the watch, national standards and international standards are clearly states: all marked with waterproof watch, the minimum tolerance 2 atmospheric pressure, the water depth of 20 meters is not water. 30 meters waterproof said watch can tolerance 3 atmospheric pressure,, and so on. This standard is the premise when tested in laboratory conditions: temperature maintained at 20-25 degrees Celsius, and watches and water is in stationary state. On the table if to water in this case, is qualified. ATM is the English compression value;