LV Chinese mainland prices! Luxury you can afford

        LV Chinese mainland prices! A luxury you also buy brand name watch, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches not temporary discounts, is directly down the retail price! Called never discount, will only increase never depreciate LV to reduce prices, for the luxury goods industry, is undoubtedly a depth bomb. Although the price range is 2% to 7%, the range is very wide. And many other luxury goods have adjusted the autumn and winter of 2009 new price.   to enter the mainland market price cut for the first time, part of the price as much as Hongkong is not temporary discounts, but directly lowered retail price. LV China mainland 29 stores this year collective based on the original price lowered quietly 2%-7%, including watches,, jewelry, the price relates to clothing, bags and shoes, all LV products. It is reported, which is marked "not discounted, not only up and down" LV, this is the first to enter the mainland market price Chinese after Chinese, Hongkong, Macao is not in the price list. It is understood, from June on the new beginning, Ferragamo, Gucci, Fendi, Dior, Celine and other brands have different degrees of reduction. For such a large-scale luxury price, expert analysis, the depreciation of the euro, the European human cost, consumer expectations change result in this wave of price. At the same time, due to the currency devaluation of the same period, the price of Hongkong area increased slightly, thus, luxury goods in mainland China and Hongkong gap is smaller, the LV part of the product price is directly equivalent to mainland Hongkong price.   Shanghai Henglong Plaza in front of the huge LV LV bag down 200-500 yuan "originally medium Neverfull is priced at 6000 yuan,, now transferred to 5600 yuan." As the LV of old customers, white-collar Tracy for LV is very sensitive to the trend, she said frankly, "LV price is very low-key, but in each store directly adjust the retail price, so if not old customers did not know." It is reported,, in fact, this wave of price cuts from February this year has quietly begun. Yesterday, reporters at the Hang Lung Plaza LV flagship store is confirmed, the company does to some time ago to adjust all the price of the product, such as the most popular bags in Neverfull medium, the original price is 6000 yuan, now transferred to 5600 yuan; Speedy30 from 6000 yuan to 5600 yuan to 5800 yuan; Speedy35 from 6200 yuan. "Each package prices are different, but the basic is in 200 yuan -500 yuan." Staff said.   GUCCI Shanghai flagship store, new concept of Gucci Fendi half off with LV sale price, the rest of Europe many luxury brands have a discount, Ferragamo, Gucci, Fendi, Dior,, Celine and so on the different degree of discount brands have sales promotion. Many brands have begun to lower the threshold using different methods, such as G"