OMEGA countdown remember Liu Xiangpo record

        OMEGA countdown to remember Liu Xiangpo record watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches Chinese "trapeze" Liu Xiang in Switzerland in July 12th,, the Lausanne athletics super grand prix in 12 seconds 88 won the men’s 110 m hurdles world champion, and broke for 13 years the world record. As a full time Lausanne Grand Prix in 2006, renowned Swiss watch brand OMEGA expressed warm congratulations. In Switzerland, Lausanne athletics super grand prix, just broke the men’s 110 meter hurdles world record Liu Xiang excited sitting in OMEGA countdown, share this be not easily won the joy with you. Switzerland, is OMEGA’s hometown, is also Liu Xiang’s paradise. In 2002 held in Switzerland Lausanne an IAAF Grand Prix, Liu Xiang to 13 seconds 12 results created men’s 110 meter hurdles and broke the Asian record, create America sprinter Reinaldo inner Hermia in the 1978 World Youth record, Liu Xiang was ranked fourth in the world. In Switzerland, Lausanne athletics super grand prix, just broke the men’s 110 meter hurdles world record Liu Xiang five-star red flag excited standing in OMEGA scoreboard, share this be not easily won the joy with you. As a full time in the game,, OMEGA scoreboard clearly recorded Liu Xiang created a new world record of 88 seconds in -12. In addition, the Osaka Grand Prix in 2004, Liu Xiang for the first time and American star Alan Johnson to compete and win the championship, but also by 13 second 06 result again refresh the outdoor 110 meter hurdles record in Asia; the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens,, Liu Xiang to 12 seconds 91 Ping You Ying country star Colin Jackson keep world record, won the men’s 110 meter hurdles gold medal. This gold medal is the China male athletes in the Olympic Games won the first gold medals. In order to support China sports, promote their healthy development and progress, many years to sponsor the World Grand Prix OMEGA, since last year, for three consecutive years (2005~2007) official timing as the Shanghai Golden Grand Prix. In last year’s competition, OMEGA Chinese and Hongkong marketing director Ms. Zheng Meiling also personally to get "the most media welcome Chinese athlete Award" of the 110 meter hurdles champion Liu Xiang awards, congratulated him on his excellent results in the competition. In Liu Xiang learned this in Lausanne after breaking the world record, OMEGA expressed warm congratulations and hope Liu Xiang and other players get more outstanding achievements at this year’s Shanghai international athletics Golden Grand prix. As the designated time major world swimming and track and field for nearly 100 years, OMEGA won the experience and reputation in all tables become an independent school. OMEGA and the international standard track and field events cooperation once again demonstrates the powerful alliances,, both will work together to make contributions to the cause of global athletics. In addition, OMEGA will also continue for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games as the positive.

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