Mercier watch IL é a series new listing (1)

        celebrity watch ilé a series new listing (1) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch         ilé a new watch   & nbsp;             if the time is a woman, her lines will be what kind of? Of course, is mellow and full, with well proportioned figure and Linglong temptation curve.                 and (Baume & Mercier) of the new series ilé a (Yi Li) run in the same groove, her from the inside out full of feminine charm, exudes seductive charm. The new ladies watch from female designer, writer,, in her body,, can be seen everywhere noble,, elegant and vitality, is a woman the most intimate companion.                 if the time is really a woman, ilé a is her name.                 model 8771                 8771                new ilé a watch to polishing and satin polished finish steel manufacturing, with diamond embellishment, a strong sense of contrast. Table circle of 12 and 6 when the position by meticulous carving, and chain lines subtly com., 3 and 9 higher position in diamond inlay, and create elegant figure, more fascinating charm. Oval dial decorated with curved machine carved decoration and elegant,, graceful lines echo each other at a distance of the watch, is a deductive subtle and elegant, eternal fashion. Table a diamond, crown shining is ilé a watch the other details have great originality.