Light energy and its development

        optical kinetic energy and its development course watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches what is "Eco-Drive" light energy light energy "of the international registration of trademarks as Eco-Drive, English full text is Ecology- Drive, means to promote and protect the ecological environment. Optical kinetic energy watches are CITIZEN, dedication to the community of green environmental protection product. With the development of society and economy, all kinds of electronic products and communications equipment in large numbers, and the renewal speed continues to accelerate, cell number and variety so that people use in the daily life of the sharp increase in. Common battery of mercury, cadmium, nickel, lead and other heavy metals and acid, alkali electrolyte solution, there are a lot of harm to human health and ecological environment. Watch the effective use of any visible light energy as driving,, whether in China, Japan, America,, or Europe and other countries, "the light of kinetic energy watches have been certified as" green environmental protection product. CITIZEN company is the first enterprises to obtain certification of environmental protection in the watch industry. Light energy power generation principle the principle that light energy is in the watch panel, a device to receive light source to power "solar panel. The solar panel manufacturing electrical energy stored in batteries,, "two", the power source for driving the watch operation. Receiving the light source, electrical energy storage; in the absence of light, two times the battery automatically provides operating power! The light in the transparent glass mirror, across the surface of the panel, the spotlight in the solar panel and absorption, and finally stored in the two battery; energy and power, a flash. As long as the surface receiving light source can continue running? Basically yes; in general environmental lighting, so long as the surface panel receives bright light source, the watch will remain in a state of charge, and light energy excess will continuously converted into electrical energy stored in batteries, two; such as after full charge, even if no longer receives the light, according to hand the function table, also more than 2 months. The correct charging method of light energy of light energy is converted into kinetic energy is the advanced high-tech electrical energy, such as light source in everyday life to power generation, because of the type of light source (light), the charging time will follow different. (effective illuminance shall reach 500lx)   sun sunny day,, good day is charging, fully charged, please will surface panel is placed in direct sunlight, let the surface actually receives the light.   if the watch does not wear, please put on the desktop, the transparent box or a bright place, even the sun coming in place, there is no need to worry about the watch will stop running. The second warning light energy light energy to the second hand as the function of warning indication, if there is any second hand does not operate normally, that you need to make some adjustments, let your watch back to normal state. If the second to 2 seconds, 2 seconds to beat, "said insufficient charge", please let the watch face, your exposure to the sun, charging. Your watch has stopped because of lack of power, in the fully charged.