Dynamic and static precision first sports watch OMEGA F1

        dynamic first accurate sports watch F1 brand OMEGA watches, Swiss watch brand,http://www.omega-moon.com, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch movement and time, like a pair of irreconcilable lovers. It is need accurate field below 1/1000 time as the standard, but the sweat, lightweight and agile requirements and make precision become impossible task. Until the aesthetic and design of double breakthrough moment, the couple finally able to walk hand in hand. Golf: golf greens and swing, the Scotland shepherd get sth.by chance with a highly skill game, Chinese because of its advocacy of "fashion, leisure, health" way of life is the emerging middle classes in the popular. For a golf hand, left arm is essential: the swing arm stroke, responsible for providing an instant need strength; while in the push rod, the left arm of force is the key to grasp the ball smoothly into the hole. Therefore, worn on the left wrist watches have become an important factor affecting the players play, appropriate timer not only can give players a better grasp of time, but also stabilize the left wrist strength, improve the control of the club; instead, a not suitable for golf sport watch will become the player’s burden. Not any kind of sports watches are applicable to   in golf, as the swing strength will have a strong impact on the watch, and the comfort level of self-respect, watch head strap will effect on the player’s performance, therefore, to watch the players wear golf requires extremely harsh. First of all, the swing strength requirements table must have a powerful impact resistance, mechanical movement watches and automatic system can not swing many times for a long time and arrhythmia and even damage; secondly, the header is not overweight, traditional steel material due to the heavy, is not suitable for this requirement; third, strap to comfort,www.watchonhere.com, the so-called comfort refers to strap to stick ball hand wrist, to prevent surface fly or fall, at the same time strap to deformation with the players the wrist action. Recommendation: OMEGA Constellation Double Eagle coaxial Chronograph (Fig. 2) device patent coaxial escapement system 3313 automatic winding movement, provide accurate timing for the players. To ensure that still can be clearly read time under strong light,http://www.watchonhere.com, watch is equipped with double arc arch anti glare, anti attrition sapphire crystal mirror. TAG Heuer Professional Golf Watch (Fig. 1) is made of ultra light titanium alloy, stainless steel and silicon rubber material, the weight is only 55 grams, only 40% of the weight of steel watch. The telescopic strap silicone rubber unique extremely docile wrist size. F1: the track if that be raging like a storm, golf is a "static" movement, so F1 racing "land-based aircraft" said is to move the model: the average speed of 300 km, deafen the ear with its roar roar, the burning passion of the scene, all of which will undoubtedly stimulate the pursuit of stimulation family like hurricane of the original potential, and the strict requirements of the venue, the high-tech dependence and staggering cost,http://www.luxuryladywatch.com, but also to the F1 covered with noble halo. However, with Shanghai as the FIA annual F1 awards 5