Longines Watch report IWC

        Watch report IWC Longines watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch IWC dazzling Financial Street in November 5th, the world famous watch brand IWC in Beijing Financial Street store grand opening. The ribbon cutting ceremony become famous house of assembly, star Huang Xiaoming has worn classic big pilot watches watches come to congratulate, Phoenix headed Huadan Zimo Zeng and other famous artists are invited to experience the scene. At the same time to store the ribbon cutting ceremony of celebrities and Baileys Construction Group General Manager Chen Zhenxing, the four seasons Mall Shopping Center General Manager Deng Rushun, and in the Ritz Carlton hotel of the same name as the after dinner, more famous host Liu Fangfei,http://www.omega-moon.com, the famous writer Li Aozhi daughter Li Wen attended the known celebrities. They make the stars. IWC for the Asia Pacific area especially the Chinese market very seriously,http://www.watch4usale.com, the opening in the store to the occasion,www.watchsaleprice.com, IWC watches Georges Kern global CEO (Qiao Qisi) who visited the scene to congratulate Mr., and to travel further investigation of the Chinese market. In an interview with this newspaper, Mr Jochs will be unique to the IWC tab philosophy weiweidaolai. Q (Lift Style): what is your definition of luxury? A (Georges Kern): Senior watches have real noble and luxury. I’m not talking now on the market as long as the price is high, positioned as a luxury phenomenon, but since twentieth Century has continued the development of high-end luxury brands. For me, the origin of this spirit is not global, the true spirit of the brand must be in a state of development, and then find its place in the world. Q: do you think IWC luxury what is the point? A:IWC luxury and dignity, from four important elements: one is the history and the concept of family value; two professional technical content unique; three is a design innovation enterprising; four are the brand for a long time in the international on the formation of brand image. These four elements, is a mature consumers to buy watches should be taken into account when senior watch. Q: what advice do you have for are choosing the first piece of senior watches consumers? A: if I choose the first watch, I will choose a classic,www.omega-moon.com, can adapt to the needs of more occasions. For a man, I recommend IWC pilot series, lady recommended for Portugal, the Portuguese series dial although relatively large, but it can reveal the ability and personality of female occupation, is now very fashionable style. When you watch, not just watch, must hold in the hand, touch, bring it to find the feeling on the wrist. Elegant Longines sport loving Longines sports conference consisting of faster, deeper, higher, farther four themes, gymnastics, contortion, aerial ribbon dance performances will essence of Longines table movement series embodied most incisive. But spokesman Aaron Kwok also loves tennis.