Breguet Tourbillon watch BREGUET

        BREGUET Breguet Tourbillon watch watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch     the French Republic of 9 years, 7 years on, (June 26, 1801), Breguet won the patent right in the French Secretary of state for awarding a new speed modulation device the, named Tourbillon. Using the speed regulating device of watch, rotary escapement eternal rest, continue to make the adjustment, error offset gravity caused to watch, as was the precise timepiece paradigm. Today, we will Breguet immortal legend, continue, to create a variety of classic Tourbillon watch in the gold refining, including Grande Complicanion watch. Automatic movement watch this magnificent manning the second hand carved, directly installed in the tourbillon shaft, rich features, silver plated K gold to engraving machine engraving by hand, the other a dial ring side in word, the minute hand and engage in sapphire glass table back.       Tourbillon is TOURBILLON transliteration, meaning is the rotary escapement speed adjusting mechanism.       speaking of tourbillon, an outstanding person must mention the eighteenth Century -Abraham-Louis Breguet (1747-1823), he was hailed as the greatest watchmakers. Breguet (Bao Ji) was born in the Swiss watch industry city of Neuchatel,, in the life most of the time travelling in France Paris. He was one of the top watchmaker, he made aristocratic rare watches, Louis supply sixteen queen Marie. Antoinette, Napoleon and Josephine, and America George. President washington.       Tourbillon mechanism in addition to the rotation, around the second revolution axis center, usually turn a week is a minute. The rotary escapement speed adjusting mechanism,, can watch the success of the gravity of the earth caused by the offset error, improve the accuracy of the mechanical watch. Tourbillon watch complicated structure, numerous in many parts of the production process, the need for complex traditional process, assembly adjustment need experienced technicians manual adjustment. Which determines its complexity and rare.       Tourbillon mechanism was originally used to watch on. From its birth,, watch masters gave them abundant creativity and outstanding skills together, and constantly create Tourbillon mechanism structure, shape,, materials, decoration of different. These create a superb collection of beautiful things, colorful, formed a tourbillon mechanism of breathtaking beauty of art.       Tourbillon watches complexity, rare sexual and artistic beauty, deeply loving collectors and watch has a special liking for the complex precision machinery love celebrities Aston’s favor, they all have and play with tourbillon watches as a great joy in the life.       two hundred years, the world;