The world’s first Olympic diamond couple tables published supreme

        the world’s first Olympic diamond couple tables published supreme watches brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   time carrying dream, diamond Memorial forever. To welcome the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games, the glorious moment eternal memorial in August 8, 2008 the global attention, won the "best of China Humanistic Olympic Memorial Award" of the world’s first Olympic diamond couple tables shocked appearance. The world s first Olympic diamond lovers watches, with Swiss watchmaking technology to create a common tip, dominating the global South African diamonds, rubies and gold in Burma 999 four big rich elements, dial is bedecked with jewels, golden, CO 999 pure gold inlaid 2.5 grams, Ruby 2, diamond 82, There was no parallel in history. to large quantities of gold and silver jewelry, gathered in one body, the supreme value immeasurable. The dial inlaid top 999 gold "bird’s nest", below the target of Beijing Olympic Games host city and the opening date of each watch; 12 bit with rubies, other points and dial inlaid around the diamond. In addition, the table back cover also enchase gold Chinese Humanistic Olympics logo and engraving print collection number. Both show dripping wet material noble and magnificent, and fully express the theme of the Beijing Olympic Games, will be the world’s first diamond couple tables value connotation and modern collection of watches and clocks, the perfect combination of elegance and hobbies, to commemorate the great collection value! The first Olympic diamond couple tables,, with 2.5 grams of pure gold, Ruby 2, diamond 82, the world only out of print issue 6000 on Olympic diamond couple tables, the history of the peak work collection! From the planning, design, research and development to the issuance of consuming a total of 4 years at home and abroad, the 18 clock master jointly developed by 316L, the high density of stainless steel, imported automatic movement and wear-resistant sapphire glass to casting, surface of the glass can withstand a nail, drill and other hard objects scratch, seismic pressure proof; in addition, belt 50 meters water depth and calendar display function; the factory will be after 7 days and 7 nights of travel time proofreading,, a slight error instantly destroyed. Federation of Asian jewelry and international collectors union exception co producer,, Beijing City Quality Supervision Bureau 12365 security center provides 24 hour security check, as the world’s first Olympic diamond couple tables of outstanding quality and supreme value escort! More unbelievable is, product unit has to destroy all the set R & D watches technical data, to ensure that the first Olympic diamond couple tables really out of print, never be copied! Olympic diamond couple tables only global issue 6000 of out of print,, including overseas issue 2008 on, now officially in Futian District Shennan Road (Hualian building next to) Shenzhen Book Center lobby "Wande treasures" public offering, a unified national issue price of 18800 yuan / on.