OMEGA’s new NZL series of New Zealand in hippocampus

        OMEGA new series of New Zealand in hippocampus NZL watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches,, OMEGA and America sapphire watches back soon cup competition, mainly through the late New Zealand captain Peter. Sir Blake (Sir Peter Blake),, funded in 1995 and the specified to provide new zealand sailing team wear OMEGA hippocampus chronograph watch. So OMEGA followed in 2000 and 2003 as the major world sailing event America Cup Sailing Competition official chronograph. OMEGA continues to support the continuing after the retirement of Peter. Sir Blake’s environmental navigation plan. So far OMEGA continues to sponsor the New Zealand team (Emirates Team New Zealand), OMEGA is the team watch wearing match specified. This year in its thirty-second session of the American cup, 17 New Zealand team members wearing OMEGA new hippocampal NZL-32 chronograph watch a match. The table section is mainly for the team to participate in the regatta and design, and in New Zealand team to participate in the America cup thirty-second tournament named NZL-32. Taiwan Swatch Swiss Watch Company Limited General Manager Huang Kongxiang said, in particular, the hippocampus NZL-32 chronograph watch except for New Zealand to name names, more by the New Zealand team captain, that is, the OMEGA ambassador – Dean Burke to participate in the design. Dean Burke is an aspiring and full of passion and vitality of the athletes, was invited to be the New Zealand team vessels at the helm in 2000 American Cup Sailing Competition, have since become a member of the team loyalty, and in 2003 joined the rank of captain. More… "New Zealand NZL-32 chronograph watch hippocampus main performance" is designed for sailing cup competition, Regatta countdown timer. Master the yacht race start time is an important task for the captain, because he must be responsible for adjusting the sailing position, let the boat in the 10 minutes after the first shots as soon as possible by the starting line (early more lines are found guilty by the starting line), said the games started. Therefore,, this watch with special emphasis on the captain and crew in the sailing competition before an important demand – 10 minute "Regatta countdown" performance. This performance by 5 circle calibration point on the dial to the official before the start of the last 10 minutes, a calibration point represents 1 minutes. When you press the timer button, the 5 scale will with the passage of time from black to blue, after 5 minutes from blue to red, to remind the contestant, really grasp the sailing time to seize the initiative. In addition, this section in addition to performance design for the regatta countdown,, also have to be accurate to 1/8 seconds of time measurement. To be precise timing, of course, must have excellent movement, OMEGA Cup Racing hippocampal America chronograph with high accuracy of the OMEGA 3602 automatic movement smelting, power storage of 40 hours, case diameter 42.2 mm. Mix and match the polishing and fog face stainless steel case, with arc type anti reflective, anti attrition sapphire crystal glass surface, by screwing in bottom Gai, can ensure the waterproof deep buckle