Status China watches consumption playing table from the table to

        present situation Chinese watches consumption: playing table name from the list, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch   with the improvement of living standards, people demand for watches has not limited in time, but the set time, function, fashion, value identity in one. In recent years, Chinese watch annual sales reached 50000000 to 10000 60000000 level. However, the current average annual Chinese per 100 people buy more developed 5 watches the consumption level of the national average annual consumption per 100 12 level consuming 23 or more general every hundred years developing countries are still far apart, so there must be considerable development potential.       China watch market can be divided into high and low,, high-grade watches, but mostly imported brands. With the growing importance of the decorative effect of the wrist watches, some consumers would rather spend some money for the purchase of shockproof, waterproof performance is better in the high-grade watches. Therefore, in recent years, such as the import table [plum], [], [], enicar Tiansuo sales showed a rising trend. Secondly, novel style, stable quality,, moderate price and domestic famous brand Fiyta, Rossini, welcomed by consumers.       and low-grade watches such as domestic electronic table sales are relatively stable, due to the cheap, students and low-income people in favor of.       watch styles, with fashion style sheet and classic styles list is the most popular. Fashion style table does not pay attention to brand, pure color and novel shape to win. If you add some functions such as super bright lights for night vision, the countdown is more consistent with the young consumer’s cultural psychology. Classic style sheet such as Rolex, OMEGA, rely mainly on the noble, elegant style, become the cultural taste,, pay attention to identity display instrument elegant people and bosses, effective Decor social status. Because the level and concept of consumption of different consumer groups in different, watches consumption has gradually evolved into a consumer demand characteristics of multilayer are as follows: the working-class rival demand is durable, accurate, good style and reasonable price, from tens of dollars to the price of more than two hundred yuan, do not have a strong desire to update, domestic brands and assembly brand they choose target.       white-collar consumers to style and brand, consumer price to 1000 yuan from hundreds of yuan. They generally have several watches, different occasions, different seasons, and even different dress wear different watches.       truly wealthy consumers, the proportion of the population is small, high grade, brand-name watches is their first choice. Precious metals,, diamond watches made is a need for their identity, richer, especially in social situations, negotiate the business, banquet and other important moments, to wear expensive watches.