How to pay attention to waterproof watches

        how to pay attention to waterproof watches? Swiss watch brand, brand watches, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,, sapphire watches Q: how to pay attention to waterproof watches? Answer: 1 non waterproof, anti water function: ultra-thin table, table, table, lady art jewelry watches many of the recommendations,, less close to water vapor, collection when placed in a dry, non tidal place. Watch / 2 anti water device 30m: ordinary waterproof, the general function of rear lid with anti moisture for pressure mode of invasion,, but not to the immersion and swimming, because the only device against water. The above watch / 3 waterproof device: 100M rear lid lock tooth way,, soaking but not for swimming and diving. More than 4 scuba diving watch / 200m: diving and usually all should pay attention to adjust the time certainly locking each waterproof head.