OMEGA flagship store opened in Guangzhou star Qi support

        OMEGA flagship store opened in Guangzhou star Qi support watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches,, sapphire watch in October 22, 2007, Guangzhou OMEGA flagship store opening press conference was held in The Garden Hotel. OMEGA is "OMEGA Mission Hills Golf World Cup" Twelve consecutive Olympic sponsors. As the world famous brand watches, OMEGA entered the China market has a history of one hundred years. As the twelve consecutive years in China · Shenzhen · Mission Hills Golf Club held the world cup of golf, OMEGA as best supporting actor for this major golf tournament.   OMEGA flagship store in Guangzhou at the The Garden Hotel there. On the day of the conference held in the lobby of The Garden Hotel, is next to the Guangzhou OMEGA flagship store. The conference mainly invited is Guangzhou TV and fashion magazines and other media. From Shenzhen the past only we < classic golf magazine a media.   displayed in the windows of the OMEGA watches,, fine, expensive and fashionable one.   OMEGA China ambassador Richie Ren also attended the event,, over forty years if Richie looked over twenty. The first time such a short distance contact star, in addition to a little bit of happy, the mood is no more strange.   China Golf chief player Zhang Lianwei speech at the conference, "brother" the verbal humor is that I had not seen before.     Richie Ren, vice president Zhang Lianwei and OMEGA Chinese District Cardenas · Carlos (CarlosCá rdenas) together for the public display of OMEGA watches mr..   an ambassador and a brother OMEGA signature.   three people transform action, just to better publicize OMEGA.