The world’s only J12 tourbillon ruby

        the only global "J12 Tourbillon ruby" brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches a enduring sports fashion large surface wind,, have to say non tab started Chanel does to the success of J12 card into the Mingshi lady love the tide table major suit, black and white J12 moment of high-tech precision ceramic and Chanel classic off sports watch fashion, has also become the representative of the top fashion watch. In order to senior custom jewelry started Chanel in watch design, improved this year, once again demonstrated the tabulation process combined with top jewelry of a higher realm. 30 variety of price limited jewelry watches exhibition in million, the most popular section of the table includes the world’s only "J12 Tourbillon ruby" and limited to 12 only, limited to the Las Vegas exhibition and sales "J12 Las Vegas edition" (No.2), are sold in a few days ago. In order to provide dinner for Taiwan love table, Chanel emergency by foreign regulation No. No. 5 J12 edition to come to Taiwan to show in Las vegas. "J12 design inspiration comes from the version of" Las Vegas Betting roulette game (Roulette) – wheel on the numbers in red,, black and green lattice position interval. The diameter of 41mm J12 Chronograph limited edition jewelry watches were with 18 trapezoid cut rubies, 3.27 carat total weight, and 18 trapezoidal cutting black high-tech precision ceramic,, the other at twelve o’clock inlaid top 1 emeralds drill. The table in paragraph only American Las Garth, the city of the Atlantic and Asia Macao Las Vegas exhibition and sales to Taiwan, this particular appearance. This season J12 jewelry watches exquisite craft will gem perfectly aligned collocation, from the hands, strap, table box to diamonds and rubies dotted with bright case. This to come to Taiwan to show the other two "star of Basel" (Basel Star) family custom jewelry watches, global set limit to 5 in each, with exquisite 18K platinum, collocation and anti scrape precision ceramic deep, baguette cut (baguette cut) the selection of diamond or ruby,, combines watchmaking technology and jewelry process to the extreme.