IWC registration list

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"luxury ranking index" released IWC registration list


each IWC watches have behind IWC three letter brand essence

reportedly, patent "luxury ranking index" is the only one to measure the luxury brand in American wealthy in the eyes of the importance and value of the pointer, the survey from the rich customer body directly collected in a statistically meaningful data. The index covers four pillar measure brand level: continuous outstanding quality, uniqueness, social status, self promotion. The survey also measured three main achievements of the brand,, can be compared with the luxury ranking index: product value for money, willing to relatives and friends recommend brands, next time when shopping will consider again the same brand.

Wan Guobiao in this evaluation to obtain scores 7.87 points, slightly higher than the Rolex (Rolex), Vacheron Constantin (Vacheron Constantin) and other well-known line of luxury brands, in product quality,, social status, self promotion and so on have good performance, and become the most hope to their customers and recommended the best value for money valuable product.

Wan Guobiao was founded in 1868, has a long history, has now become a world-renowned Swiss watch manufacturers. In more than 141 years of history in the production of a variety of precision watch, designed for watch connoisseurs and amateurs, to love the invention, innovative products and superb technology is well known in the world.