No one can do many things at once with Patek Philippe ‘new and old management mode

        no one can have a Patek Philippe ‘old and new management model name do many things at once, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch precision technology, expensive materials, unique propaganda is Patek Philippe to keep watch in the "Rolls-Royce" Title   a mystery; adherence to the traditional family management of a watch brand, can come to dominate in the field, after a hundred years of wind and rain still stand proudly? Recently landed Shanghai Bund, Patek Philippe gives up its first country, the world’s third boutique their answers. On the history in the kingdom of watches and clocks, built in 1837, the Patek Philippe ratio of Blancpain (1735), VacheronConstanin (1755) and Perrelet (1777) was much younger; on sales,, Patek Philippe not enemy Timex and Seiko; on the publicity, Patek Philippe than Rolex low profile, such as time in the Bund No. 18, Patek Philippe does not have any put up a pageantry of publicity even LOGO, rarely appeared in the dial. But for a long time, it was known as the world’s top ten lists of the first, for the "Rolls-Royce".   Patek Philippe how to do all of this? When it comes to China this emerging market,, and what strategy is worth studying? Combined with the   business minded and precision technology; Patek Philippe’s AntoniPatek is the first person to do sth. the people of Poland, he is intelligent and very artistic talent. Because of the turmoil in Poland, Switzerland AntoniPatek fled to Geneva to study painting. Later, he keenly felt the broad prospects of the watch industry, they buy good quality watch movement self-assembled sale, soon in the business field budding.   at the age of 19, AntoniPatek started an independent venture. In 1844, Patek took their products to participate in the Paris Watch Fair,, and made fair gold medal winner, no key chain technology inventor AdrienPhilippe. After one year of two people created Patek& PhilippeCo (Patek Philippe company).   business minded and AdrienPhilippe AntoniPatek innovation consciousness, consummate craft produce early Patek Philippe. AdrienPhilippe I believe in "the manufacture of precision machinery" concept, heavy weight, slow is the production of firm principle of Patek Philippe, its main purpose is only one — the pursuit of precision. An ordinary Patek Philippe watches from the design to the factory needs at least 9 months.   the choice of materials, Patek Philippe regardless of cost. Early Patek Philippe case, made of sterling silver and 18K gold; since twentieth Century,, most of the selection of 18K gold even platinum. In the watch technology, Patek Philippe has been in a leading position, has a number of patents, only 1.