Patek Philippe is still the king auction

        Patek Philippe is still the "auction" King brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch after, New York and Geneva Antiquorum spring auction was held successfully in June 2nd, Antiquorum auction companies auction in Hongkong implementation of 58451840 Hong Kong dollars turnover, compared with the last time in 2006 November auction has increased by 20%. The auction transaction amount is higher than the expected 35%,, the total turnover of 83%. Hongkong auction again showing watches the market potential, prove that for rare and collectible watches rising demand, as well as Hongkong important position as Asia Watch Market portal.     reporter from Antiquorum auction companies Shanghai representative office was informed, Antiquorum auction site in addition to the Hong Kong guests, but also from America, Canada, Europe, Australia, Chinese (including Mainland China and Taiwan), Japan, Indonesia, South Korea and Singapore buyers and bidders,, bidding and 313, 207 Online a phone call to fierce competition. At the same time,, 7300 online customers around the world attention to the process of auction.     in the top auction, lot 322nd, a Patek Philippe gold Ref, 2499 "FourthSeries" sold for HK $2639000. Lot ninety-ninth, a UlysseNardin (Ya Dian) platinum,, with ten complex function of pocket watch, sold for HK $1743000, set a world record.     it is understood that the Hongkong auction a total of 329 pieces of watches auction, and 329th gold auction Antiquorum will be donated to the charity auction Hongkong cancer fund.