The shopping center to buy 240000 fake Rolex, 12 years after the claim 672000

        shopping center to buy 240000 fake Rolex, 12 years after the claim 672000 watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches in normal bazaar to spend 240000 yuan to buy a Rolex watch was not the original production. Therefore, Mr. Wang will be shopping malls to court, claims 671000 yuan. It is reported, Chaoyang Court has accepted the case, the trial date will be. Mr. Wang said the prosecution,, in 1995 November,, he spent 240000 yuan to buy a piece of Swiss Rolex watches to Beichen shopping center, the inspection report issued by the corresponding invoice and Swiss certificate of origin and quality inspection department to verify the authenticity of a (copy). Last year, Mr. Wang found table go fast and slow, so get the Rolex special repair point, did not expect the repair staff refused to repair, the reason is "the table of non original products". Subsequently, Mr. Wang took the watch to China Commercial Federation Watch glasses product quality supervision and Inspection Center for identification, identification results for "the Rolex watches as the country of production of the ominous imitation Rolex watches". So, Mr. Wang will Beichen shopping center sued to the court, demand the other party to return the paid 240000 yuan, and 240000 yuan compensation, and the payment of interest 197000 yuan. According to the introduction, this watch is only movement for Rolex movement, strap,, bracelet, ring, precious stones and dial, packing box, guarantee is not Rolex’s original products,, also without Rolex, permitted or authorized to use. Mr Wang thinks, oneself buy Rolex watches with the original Rolex watch in the performance, quality and value have significant differences, constitute fraud, therefore, according to the relevant laws to the court. It is reported, the plaintiff Mr agents is the famous "dummy" Wang Hai. At present, the case is pending further