Twenty 4 Patek Philippe watch, show the woman taste (Figure)

        Twenty 4 Patek Philippe watch, show the woman taste (map) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch this series from the arched Gondolo watchcase,, table ring with stepped. The table body with diamonds,, with smooth steel surface mixing, connected with engraved Calatrava Kahler Zhuo Hua star cross folding buckle. The strap of each link in the arc design, by minor school, hand type suitable for any size. Especially fine is inlaid with two rows of 18 stars and 1.5 mm in diameter of the top Wesselton net drilling (0.45 kcal). Ultrathin Calibre E.15 is the latest generation of Patek Philippe design quartz movement, quartz and mechanical parts are embedded in the barrel type host core board, and movement within the folder Panchiao and cutting are inscribed on the "Cô tes de Genè VA" pattern, the gold surface carved with floral and Culler Zhuo Hua Star Cross, covering the electronic line version. Like other Patek Philippe mechanical watch, quartz watch every Patek Philippe is allocated a unique core number. Twenty~4 series of design material: stainless steel movement: quartz movement function: Cal. E.15,, display dial: bezel, plate is inlaid diamonds mirror: sapphire crystal table size: 30 x 25mm waterproof: 30 m Twenty~4® after the launch of new style series, have you, also add a different table size for selection. So far, the series from the original steel diamond and 18K rose gold or platinum styles, Haute Joaillerie series to the amazing. Satin strap with Haute Joaillerie series, its unique silk cloth material, soft and comfortable, give valuable watch added indescribable sensual and seductive charm, showed strong feminine taste,, case on the two line of the diamond, the tables are more enjoyable; design of two layer step lateral, deepening the micro geometry of arch rectangular watchcase and feeling, one of the characteristics of art deco.