Watch the story radar need emotional expression

        watch the story: radar needs to watch brand sentimental expression, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch said, radar table is one of the earliest to enter the market China overseas brand. In 1982 to enter the Chinese, its grade and price for most people, is within sight but beyond reach. So later, radar table once known as the "nouveau riche" wearing a watch. Radar table top of this title although somewhat helpless, but more let them rejoice is, it is because the radar with "the first brand theory" to take the lead in market share, has become one of the best selling men’s brand is now Chinese. When it comes to the brand image of radar now, radar table vice president Capet very confident: "the past is caused by historical reasons, with the passage of time, we are giving more and more radar,, vitality, sports, health feeling,, this, see this brand watches the first eye can directly feel from you."           it is this fashion Capet emphasized the feeling, help radar is very beautiful out of the old image, to bring it in emotional expression. "Fashion sense not only in appearance design, material is also very important." Capet said, "we try to use a special material various watches, such as high-tech ceramics, hard metal, diamond, sapphire crystal. A high-tech ceramics radar table, you put on 10 years, 20 years,, its texture is also not aging, always beautiful." Indeed, the mention of radar, people always think of special high-tech ceramics,, radar table which is known as "the hardest watch", "will be the first electronic watch fashion watches, radar table also to become the pioneer of the use of materials.       another thing make Capet proud is radar Gallery Switzerland headquarters, "there is a radar Gallery, in our factory there, you can see a lot of great works of art, most of it is like Andy · Warhol, Peter · Marx, MAS · like Bill master works, they in the form of expression of all kinds, combining radar table and create their own works of art. Which also has a modern Chinese artist Wang Zhidong, he drew a lot of the red dragon, the hidden among radar table. I like this picture. Is like a person, taste in art is a part of a fashion brand, from a certain angle, radar need to adhere to this emotional expression."