The emperor true table Patek Philippe

        Emperor true table: Patek Philippe watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches "no one can have a Patek Philippe, but for the next generation custody." — the classic Patek Philippe ad language in the pursuit of excellence performance at the same time, Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe) into the emotional element soft to technology atmosphere seriously, give the timepiece admire and respect, enlightenment and proud feelings. In advertising as a carrier, it successfully expressed "for the next generation" thoughts, hopes to become the communication between father and son, mother and daughter emotional bridge. Really good table, close in phase with the skin instantly, can feel. This is a kind of invisible, silent emotion exchange, only exists between the table and the master, as if is keeping a heart home, listen to the silent time flowing in private in. Life comes to an end, time still ahead. The meaning of life by the offspring blood legend; and the table to the next generation, continue with the next generation watch time. Patek Philippe Patek Philippe — Switzerland remaining independent tabulation is confident — produced such legendary works, declared: "no one can have a Patek Philippe table, but for the next generation custody." In its client list, a total of 100 kings, 54 queen,, but no such as Einstein, Curie, Charlotte, mrs.. Blount, Tchaikovsky and other prominent figures. The world’s most expensive a table, Henry Graves pocket watch is from the 1930’s Patek Philippe watch factory, the auction price is $11000000, a price myth completely achievement. Swiss watches the Kingdom, starlight, and Patek Philippe is the brightest one. It combines advanced technology, product aesthetics, personalized thousands of pet, is revered as a table of the king of kings. However, on a long, built in 1837 Patek Philippe completely inferior to Blancpain (1735), Vacheron Constanin (1755) and Perrelet (1777); on sales, darling Timex and Seiko Patek Philippe lost to fashion; on publicity, Patek Philippe is more than Rolex, the brand logo it rarely appears in the dial on the. So Patek Philippe distinguished exactly where? Such a seemingly lack of brand advantage, how can one way unmatched clock stand erect in the world, the king, a hundred years undefeated? To fully appreciate the entrepreneurial origins Patek Philippe charm, back to the mid sixteenth Century switzerland. At that time,, the watch industry began to sprout. Just a few decades, become scale, known for excellent quality. Early watchmaker is not only a process of division, and with an almost fanatical passion, the pursuit of the perfect shape and performance, condensed into a perfect tabulation spirit, from generation to generation. And it is in precipitation technology and culture three hundred years of above to be born in Yun,, Patek Philippe. In 1838, initial name Patek, Cazpek& C.